Photo Study 32 – Old man

Photo Study 32 - Old man

Just watched Cloud Atlas. (I know I am slow, only watching this movie now even its released in year 2012). Its an interesting movie with a different way of story telling and great visuals. Though i think that some mini plot is unnecessary and they should focus on the remaining plots instead. Its because there are just too many characters and I can’t really figure out the relationship of the characters between the different eras. But nonetheless, it has a great idea behind it and great visuals (not too many CG. haha).

Anyway, I did this study pretty quick in one sitting. Don’t think I want to put too much time in photo studies. Just learn from the photos, get the idea and then move on. Think its more effective that way as i can do more studies. Hope it works better this way.

Also, stay tuned for more studies from Cloud Atlas. I screenshot a bunch of them, all waiting in a folder for me to paint. haha.

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