Trick or treat??

Halloween 2018


Happy Halloween!!
I don’t personally celebrate Halloween, but the atmosphere can be spooky but fun at times..Sudden inspiration for this work when i think about getting candy from strangers.


Fan Art – Tsuyu Asui


Finally can submit a new fan art.
Tsuyu Asui from Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia).

Started this long ago. But due to work, I didn’t have time to complete it until now.
Hope you like it.


Fan Art – Uraraka (Uravity)


Finally have time to post new art!!!
This time from Boku no Hero Academia, Starring Uraraka aka Uravity!! The gravity girl!!
Love her positive outlook and supportive nature. Started following Boku no Hero Academia since its manga release. It has some decent character exploration and growth for every character. Good read.

Revisiting a older but simpler style again, focusing more on shapes and simple shading. Partly due to a tight schedule i have with work and life so far. Hopefully doing something like this saves time and I can develop it into something new along the way.

Critiques and comments welcome!! Hope you like it.

Fan Art – Death Prophet


New fan art – Death Prophet from Dota 2.
The first hero I tried in Dota 2 and still like her quite a lot even now. Have been wanting to do a fan art of her since I started playing Dota 2.
Hope you like it.

Been rather busy lately with work and socializing. But I have been sketching more too rather than completing a single piece. Hopefully will find time to convert all of them into finish illustration. Else, I might be posting more sketches in the future. Cheers!

Fan Art – Tohru


It’s Tohru from Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid.
Completed this in April, but decided to delay the release till Doujima 2017.

I have always wonder how the tail meat taste like after watching the series.
And if I would like to sum up the whole series into one memorable moment, this will definitely be it. Tohru trying to sneak and feed Miss Kobayashi her tail meat in almost every meal shown. Regardless, I think this is a pretty relaxing and enjoyable series to watch. Check it out if you have the time.

Hope you liked it.

Fan Art – Koe no Katachi (A silent voice)


May update!!
It’s Koe no Katachi (A silent voice).
Good movie that touches deep in the emotion with a strong message to deliver.
But I would like to name this piece “Your voice”.

haha. Hope you like it!!

PS. One day left for Doujima. This will be available, fresh from the oven!!

Fan Art – Hanzo


This month is a gender-bend Hanzo from Overwatch!

Spent a bit more time on this, tweaking endlessly but still not entirely satisfied.
I also took the liberty to change the design a bit to fit the Japanese Kyudo outfit. Hope that it blends well.

Hope you like it.

Ryu ga waga teki wo kurau!!
Please be kind to Hanzo main. =)

Fan Art – Zarya


New Fan Art!

Zarya from Overwatch.

Its quite unexpected that I will like playing Zarya in Overwatch. Just interesting skill sets and game mechanics that make her fun to play.
Trying to give a personal touch of how she is portrayed. Would like to keep her look more feminine but not giving up on showing those muscles. Rather fine line to balance those two contrasting attributes.

Hope you like it.