Breathing underwater

fish tank_wcZeonArt

Hope to start a daily doodle.

” Sometimes, I feel like breathing underwater. Underwater, everything sounds more peaceful, tranquil and calm. The water fills my thoughts, becoming either clear or cloudy, but that is all up to me. Sadly, this world is not underwater, and I don’t have a fish tank to myself. Sometimes, I feel like breathing underwater; sometimes, I feel like I don’t belong.”

Albedo Fan Art_wcZeonArt

A fan art of Albedo from Overlord.

Overseer of the Floor Guardians Albedo, at your command.” 

Albedo (アルベド) is the Overseer of the Floor Guardians of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. She is in charge of the general management and supervises the activities of the seven Floor Guardians, meaning that she ranks above all the other NPCs in Nazarick. She is the sister of Nigredo and Rubedo. She was created by Tabula Smaragdina.

Dawn with Dragon

Dawn with Dragon_wcZeonArt

Finally a personal piece.

A dragon rider with her dragon comrade, preparing for the race and battles up ahead.
Always wanted to paint something cool and fantasy, with dragons. haha. Here is my first attempt.
Hope you like it.

Photo Study 48 – Muscle Dude and values

wcZeonArt_Photo study 48

Still going with values.
Painted a dude for a change.
Its interesting to see how much you can get away with a guy when rendering the skin.
There are less subtle changes due to the muscle forms, but it is also because of it that there is so much to take care of. =.=

Not entirely satisfied with this. But my patience with a dude is limited =P.
Will attempt another one soon i guess.

Original Photo: Kamil Nicalek

Photo Study 47 – Value and Expression

wcZeonArt_takiguchi hikari photo study

Still going with the value studies.
Trying to learn something with less dramatic lighting. It’s extremely hard for me to paint all the subtle tone variations.
They look simple, but it took tons minor tweaking to get it right. Yet I am still not 100% satisfied with it. Should practice more on this area.

Photo ref: Takiguchi Hikari [link]

Alright. Onward to the next!!

Photo Study 46 – values and light

wcZeonArt_photo study 46

More photo studies, targeted to learn more about values and edge control.

Unfortunately I couldn’t remember where i get this image.
Love how the light falls on her.

Onward to the next~~
Unfortunately I couldn’t remember where i get this image.
Love how the light falls on her.

Onward to the next~~