Photo Study 34 – Shocking Eyes

Cloud Atlas _0038_Layer 4


Another one from cloud atlas. Quite tired today so I had to stop here for now and call it done. This is surprisingly hard to paint. all the wrinkles and face paint is killing me. lol. Will leave it as it is for now. maybe someday i will touch it up when i find a way to paint more realistic wrinkles. Going to try to do one each day.

Photo Study 33 – Mountains

Photo Study 33 - Mountains

Another photo study from Cloud Atlas.
I think this shot was probably CG, but still its a great reference for mountains. Love the lighting in this scene. But sadly, I don’t think I manage to get the mood right. (not epic enough). haha

Photo Study 32 – Old man

Photo Study 32 - Old man

Just watched Cloud Atlas. (I know I am slow, only watching this movie now even its released in year 2012). Its an interesting movie with a different way of story telling and great visuals. Though i think that some mini plot is unnecessary and they should focus on the remaining plots instead. Its because there are just too many characters and I can’t really figure out the relationship of the characters between the different eras. But nonetheless, it has a great idea behind it and great visuals (not too many CG. haha).

Anyway, I did this study pretty quick in one sitting. Don’t think I want to put too much time in photo studies. Just learn from the photos, get the idea and then move on. Think its more effective that way as i can do more studies. Hope it works better this way.

Also, stay tuned for more studies from Cloud Atlas. I screenshot a bunch of them, all waiting in a folder for me to paint. haha.