Tracer vs Flash

wcZeonArt_tracer vs flash


Something funny for a change in style. It’s Tracer and Flash in a running competition, and probably quick Silver in the background.

Anyone else hype up for Overwatch??

Tracer is not my favourite character in Overwatch, same goes to flash. But this is what i imagine she would do, given her character, if she were to have a race with Flash. That said, I think this kind of funny pose suits her well. haha. Hope to see someone cosplay her in this pose.

Anyway, hope that you enjoyed this piece.

wcZeonArt_icream break D'va

Take an ice-cream break!!!

Another quick painting today.
It’s been relatively hot these days. Always will have craving for ice-cream in weather like this.
Do you recognize the girl??

Fan Art – Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

wcZeonArt_Mumei FanArt

A quick one today.
Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress is a romantic love story!!
Love the visuals of the anime so far for this season.
Will do a more proper one if i have the time. =D
And for those who are interested, the “uncensored” version.

wcZeonArt_Mumei Fanart