Sketch: Hampton studies

hampton3  hampton2  hampton1  hampton5  hampton4


Some studies i did from Michael Hampton’s book: Figure Drawing- Design and Invention. Its a great book for learning figure drawing. Coincidentally, i wanted to draw more male figures and the pages that i read are all male examples except for one.

Manga Study: Air Gear

air gear study


Though its has been a few year since Air Gear is completed, i still enjoys the way the artist draws. Some of the character designs, fight scenes, environments, machines are simply awesome. Its the first manga that i read till the end just because i enjoy the art. (not saying the story is bad, it gets weird towards the end but it is complimented with better art! haha.)



Trying to push my lineart further. I Start off with a perspective study and end up drawing my own character and designs. (which is probably why it took so long… ) Not good with line arts, but i push myself for this piece.

Manga studies

motoko  taiga  manga  IMG1036 IMG1037 IMG1034 IMG1035

Practicing to some manga characters.

Got to learn more about cell shading and simplify my line work. I think learning from the masters of manga will help me in those aspects. But strange enough, i find it hard to copy manga characters.

Sketch: 40 faces

faces5   faces4   faces3   faces2   faces1


Faces studies. Each about 10 to 15 minutes. Aiming to improve my usage of lines and of course the head construction.
Still lacking when the head is tilted at some weird angles. Also, I cant draw expressions well. Need some suggestions and more practice on that.

Sketches during lectures.

spec  girl3  OL  mongo  hng  hey!  girls  falling  cute2  cute  egyptian  character3  sexyhair  pursuit

Drawings i did during some of my lectures. Was forced to take something quite unrelated as a result of the school’s policy. But it ends up giving me more time drawing. There will be more to come and i am ready for it, as long as you let me draw. =D

Figure drawings

figure3  figure2

2 of the hundreds figures i drew in figure drawing sessions in my school. Like these 2 because they show some improvements in my lines, though still not good, but i hope its getting there.