Portrait Studies.

portrait6  portrait5  portrait4 portrait7  portrait3  portrait2  portrait8  portrait1 Port

Of course, more portraits!! Did all these pretty quick, at most 30 minutes. (i know its still slow and the quality suffers).

But yea. better to practice more than none at all.

*These are done on and off over 2 months time. ><“

Update: posting sketches

I have been tidying up my “sketchbook”, which is just stack of papers on a clipboard. (though its stack”s” now. ^^)

While sorting them, i find some sketches and drawings that are quite decent in my opinion. However, I know that after sorting them out into a file, they will be slowly forgotten and disappear, never be seen anymore. So to keep them fresh, I will post them here on my blog.

There are several advantage of doing so.

First, its a digital storage for all my “decent” or just sketches that have significant purpose which act as a reminder. Its always to have hard and soft copy available as a back-up.

Second, I have been thinking of giving out some blog exclusive content. But my painting studies are mostly the more polished works which i will post on Deviantart and Facebook as well. So sketches makes the perfect candidate for some extra content!

Thirdly, those sketches will be posted in bulk since they are not complete works, so I don’t want to waste too much time posting them separately. By posting in bulk, I will have to go through them again at some point, and doing this will refresh my memory of the mistakes and ideas that i have.

So, in short, stay tuned for more sketches update and feel free to share your thoughts about any nice sketch or ways that can help me in my progress of becoming an artist!

See you!

Some Sketches.

ol2  lady  character4

mon3  mon2  mon1  character5  gothgirl


Some pen sketches that i did awhile ago. These are some of the more “successful” ones.

Still got a long way till they look nice.

Photo Study 31 – Cutaway Engine

Photo Study 31 - Cutaway Engine

A little too ambitious this time. This too so long and its not even complete. But i ran out of patience and i think i learnt enough from this photo. Time to move on.
Trying to learn metal surfaces and practice something more constructive (my self-declared weakest link). Lesson learned that i for rigid and complicated objects, LINE ART is a MUST. The more detailed and accurate the line art, the easier it becomes. I spent most of the time correcting what i already painted (some blurry undefined patches of grays). But good thing is that i learnt to make use of photoshop’s tools more. Still, its a heavy price i am paying (about 30 hours TT___TT).